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Premises-Based Phone Systems

The best alternative to the cloud

An on-premises, enterprise-grade unified communications system with five nines (99.999%) reliability might be the fit for you.

Perfect for Your Needs

Not every business or company is the same, so why should their communication systems be? At Network Task Group Inc, we offer simple, reliable and cost-effective communication solutions that are made to meet all of your unique business needs. If you’re looking for greater options, turn to our team to learn more about our hybrid premises-based phone systems today.

What Are the Advantages?

Should you choose an on-premises communication system or one that works through the cloud? There are different benefits to each system, including the added control that comes from having on on-premises system, or the reduced cost and payment of the cloud — but what is right for your business? Thankfully, we have the perfect solution for you by offering a combination deal.

Perfect For

Our hybrid premises-based phone systems are an excellent option for companies that don’t necessarily fit the traditional model of business, such as schools, doctor’s offices and more.

Our Communication Solution

Network Task Group Inc offers a totally unique hybrid communication solution that helps to provide our clients with a fully efficient and easy to use system that supports messaging, voice, long-distance and local calling, automated attendant and much more. If you’re looking for the perfect system for your business’ unique communication needs, we encourage you to call our team today.

Find Your Solution