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Communication Solutions that work

Our Available Services

At Network Task Group Inc, we pride ourselves on being a global leader in business communications and work hard to ensure that our services and products are helping our customers increase productivity through accessible and easy-to-use communication services. If you’re interested in finding out how our team can reduce costs while boosting business efficiency, give us a call today.


VoIP is an innovative communication service that utilizes IP networks to send real-time voice communication sessions over the public internet. These services boost business productivity and accessibility for a greater user experience.

Carrier Services

Our team at Network Task Group Inc offers carrier services that help to ensure monthly savings for your business while reducing many of the challenges and conflicts that come from using a traditional telecommunication service provider.

SIP Trunking

Network Task Group Inc offers SIP trunking services that help to control voice, video and messaging applications for a more streamlined and protected communication experience that ultimately costs less than traditional telecommunication services.

Data Solutions

We provide a wide range of data solutions to help IT managers and business owners alike experience a more flexible and reliable service with their business network. Call to learn about our data solutions that will help meet your performance standards.

Premise-Based Phone Systems

Not all companies have the same communication needs, which is why we offer personalized packages and hybrid phone systems that help combine the benefits of both premise-based systems and cloud services. Call us to find out more today.

IP Surveillance Solutions

Keeping your business or property safe is a top priority for many business owners, which is why we offer IP surveillance products and services that produce videos that are more easily accessible — as well as higher quality — than traditional methods.

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